5micron GmbH


Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

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Optical measurement solutions and illumination systems

Demanding requirements for materials and their surfaces exist in a wide range of fields, such as the aviation or automotive industries, but the data/know-how/information regarding how materials change over time when in use (their "life cycle") are crucial factors for functionality.

5micron GmbH is a young company, which has been located in Berlin-Adlershof since January 2015. The 7 team members develop optical measuring methods and systems, and currently focuses mainly on unusual fields of application for:
  • Highly precise measurements on large or faraway objects
  • Geometric measurement of inaccessible surfaces
  • Geometric measurements in harsh environments
5micron GmbH's current portfolio is made up of two business segments: 1. Surface measurement technology, and 2. Special illumination systems. The business segment surface measurement technology is concerned primarily with development projects for the aviation industry, which are based on optical methods. The methods are:
  • Deflectometry (geometric measurements of dimensions such as length, torsion, roughness etc.). Resolution: 50µm
  • Shadow casting (defects inspection (OK / NOK decisions)). Resolution: 20µm
  • Pattern projection (analysis of surface structure/topography). Resolution: 5µm
One example of a system solution is the measurement of the wing surfaces of an aircraft during flight, in particular the monitoring of changes for shape, dimensions and material defects with a precision of a few micrometres. One other example of a miniaturized measurement system was developed for an engine manufacturer in which measurement technology for the minimally invasive inspection of engines with the use of an endoscope was developed, with a resolution of 5µm.

In the business segment special illumination systems, the feasibility of data transmission via pulses of light was demonstrated as part of an internal project. This enables communication and interaction between any kind of object or vehicle. Particularly in automatically and autonomously driven vehicles in road traffic, it is crucial that the networks between vehicles as well as the infrastructure are resilient (V2X).



  • Measurement system solutions for the following applications: High speed data acquisition and image analysis (optimised algorithms); Contactless in the form of a mobile or stationary measurement system (also miniaturised/for adverse lighting conditions where necessary); Online evaluation can be used on a wide range of surfaces and materials/hardened sensory equipment and hardware for adverse environmental conditions
  • Special illumination systems
  • Communication via light pulses (V2X; IoT)