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Map-based Mobile Services

In local public transport and waste disposal logistics

Precise, interactive maps, reliable route algorithms and GPS location tracking are the basis for digitising previously analog processes in transport and logistics.

A team at the Department of Computer Science and Media at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is developing innovative solutions for map-based services that can be used flexibly in a range of transport and logistics applications.

In cooperation with the company BT Berlin Transport GmbH, the team has taken everyday work processes in public transport, such as accident and repair reports, which have until now involved bus personnel submitting paper documents at the depot, and moved these communications to the Smartphone. This not only makes things easier for bus drivers, management receives timely, reliable data – data that can be supplemented by important visual and audio information. An interactive, 3D map application - currently under development - is being used to communicate route knowledge around the streets of Berlin. In addition to showing the various bus routes operated by BVG (the principal Berlin public transport operator), the app shows a panoramic view of bus stop approaches. The app is also suitable for navigation purposes.

The field of waste disposal logistics – like public transport – is distinguished by having certain routes that require servicing at regular intervals. In addition, the payloads need to be controlled in terms of quantity and content. Effective daily management of a fleet of garbage trucks en route to their dumping grounds is not only an operational requirement, but it also contributes to easing road congestion. Extensive data from various mobile and stationary sources are easily visualised by the planners, ideally within a map application at a multi-person workstation. Large-scale, multi-touch displays are ideal for this. Integrating multiple, heterogeneous data sources and providing geo-referenced logistical information on multi-touch displays calls for completely new IT concepts. In cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Informationssysteme und Prozessautomation mbH (GIPA), universally usable gesture and interaction concepts are being developed for intuitive, situationally guided, touch-sensitive and non-contact surface control systems.


  • Map-based client-server applications for heterogeneous mobile and stationary data sources
  • General-purpose gesture and interaction concepts for touch-sensitive and non-contact surface systems
  • Usability studies of map-based applications (apps in particular)