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Grenzweg 8
16356 Ahrensfelde-Elisenau

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FLIGHTCOPTER Flying Camera Systems GmbH

Aerial services for inspection, thermography, and agriculture using remote-controlled UAVs

FLIGHTCOPTER Flying Camera Systems GmbH is a service provider in the field of UAVs with over 10 years of experience in UAV solutions.

For many years now, we have been active in surveying and documentation, inspections, and in the agriculture industry by means remote-controlled hover platforms and aircrafts.

In the area of surveying and documenting, we use our aerial images to create point clouds, grid models, 3-D models of objects and areas (which can later be used in CAD or 3D-printing tools) and to document construction progress or the starting state of an area before construction is begun.

Furthermore, we are a reliable partner when it comes to documenting environmental damage or natural disasters. Here, we can document the extent of the damage, for example, or collect evidence.
In the area of inspections, we can inspect onshore and offshore wind energy facilities for damage, wear, or malfunctions, can fly inside and outside of smokestacks and boilers for maintenance purposes and can inspect photovoltaic facilities for potential damage using a thermal imaging camera.

In terms of environmental and species conservation, we conduct surveillance flights to assess the condition of forest areas, monitor farmland and forests, and perform preventative flights using a thermal imaging camera.

With the help of the sensors we have developed, we are now also in a position to chart ground water retention from above, for example. The goal here is to capture geo-referenced measuring points for surface temperature of vegetation in agricultural spaces. By interpolating these values, they can be used as layer of information for agriculture.

Many of the visual line of sight inspection flights can be carried out autonomously and in a way that is tailored to the task at hand and can be reproduced or repeated at any time.
As soon as it is permitted by the legal aviation authorities on unmanned aircraft, the flights offered will also be expanded to include services beyond visual line of sight operations.


  • Flights using remote-controlled hover platforms and aircraft
  • Inspection of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Charting ground water retention using our own sensor board
  • Survey flights
  • Documenting damages and collecting evidence
  • Locating compromised dykes using our own sensor board
  • Boiler inspection flights (interior/exterior) for maintenance purposes
  • Inspection of PV-sites through thermal cameras

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