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The future is now

TelematicsPRO e.V. – the European Telematics Society

The mission of TelematicsPRO e. V. is to raise awareness of telematics and support its application. The society’s headquarters in the centre of Berlin looks like a normal office: however, an air of innovation fills the space. When the members meet to plan their next project, they are in their element. Here, you will often hear such terms as "road toll", "mobility", and "innovative technologies".
What exactly does the term "Telematics" mean?

Telematics is the combination of telecommunications and IT. As ambiguous as the term may be, the various applications of telematics are now wide-spread. Wherever communication and technology meet, telematics is involved. Smartphones are a prime example of the applications of telematics. Traffic control systems or truck toll schemes on German highways can also only function with the help of telematics applications.

How do users benefit from telematics?
A look at the costs and uses of such applications reveals it all: In the long term, telematics applications really can save you money. Intelligent software is used to optimise structures and processes, and networked activities are less time-consuming. For 17 years now, TelematicsPRO has been supporting projects that aim to make our lives easier by using intelligent technology solutions.

What does TelematicsPRO do?
More than 80 members get involved in interesting projects. Among other things, the concept of mobile parking was supported by TelematicsPRO. What would have been unthinkable only five years ago is commonplace today: You can conveniently pay for parking using your cell phone at machines with the orange sticker.

What does the future hold?
As a platform for questions, discussions, and answers, TelematicsPRO offers the ideal conditions for all players in politics, administration, and private companies.


  • Support for projects and products, as well as the creation of processes essential to meeting mobility needs in society
  • Hosting political workshops, parliamentary evenings and expert discussions